We are the Solution

Daniel Alain provides women with beautiful hair.

The collective purpose of our portfolio of brands is to offer women exceptional solutions to have extraordinary hair.

Throughout a women’s life, her hair will transform, reflecting various stages of change. No matter how her hair evolves – a constant truth remains – she wants beautiful, full, amazing hair.

Maximizing the beauty of natural hair throughout life’s journey and providing alternative hair solutions to renew confidence and a sense of well-being is what we aspire to do for women every day.

Daniel Alain Hafid, Founder & CEO
Daniel has touched the lives of many and ardently continues his pursuit to help transform women’s lives by providing beautiful solutions for extraordinary hair.

Our Heritage

Entrepreneurism runs deep within Daniel Alain Hafid, following his father’s footsteps, the renowned Parisian hair stylist and creator of René of Paris Wigs – the epitome of fashionable, synthetic wigs in the 60’s.

Working alongside his father for 30 years, Daniel learned the detailed craftmanship of making stylish, high quality wigs. He also gained empathy towards women’s emotional connection to their hair and the undeniable truth – whether it’s their natural hair, extensions or wigs – women desire extraordinary hair.

A visionary, not content with the look and feel of synthetic hair, Daniel set out to create his own legacy, pouring his heart and soul into fashioning the world’s most beautifully crafted, European Human Hair Wigs. Follea Luxury Wigs & Hair Enhancements was born.

The success of Follea and impact his wigs had on women with alopecia or those affected by hair loss from chemotherapy propelled Daniel’s sense of purpose in a new direction - helping women throughout all stages of hair loss.

Today, Daniel is at the helm of Daniel Alain, Inc., championing women’s hair loss solutions through assiduous research and development projects. Daniel's passion for beautiful hair and inherent understanding of how hair makes women feel continues to push innovation, artistry, craftmanship and unmatched quality throughout his portfolio of brands.

Fuller, Healthier Hair Solutions

Retain & protect hair + impart body, volume & shine

Luxury European Human Hair Wigs

Instant transformations + striking natural beauty & movement

100% Human Hair Tape-In Extensions

Enhance volume & length + expertly match color, texture & natural movement