Stop Seasonal Hair Shedding: Clinical Study Shows Patented-INTACT Scalp & Hair Primer Reduces Shedding by Up to 77% After One Use*

Seasonal hair loss is a reality millions face when the weather cools down. Dry air means even drier scalps. Hair shedding increases and hair becomes dry. This is the time of year when hair needs extra TLC, making it the right time to introduce INTACT Scalp & Hair Primer into your hair routine. INTACT Scalp & Hair Primer is simple to use and has one objective: reduce hair shedding. With a U.S. patent and clinical studies, INTACT is the product that battles seasonal hair loss with science.
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INTACT™ Makes Cosmoprof North American Debut

New Hair Care Player Sets out to Disrupt with Breakthrough Anti-Hair Pull Technology
The first product of its kind, INTACT™ Root Securing Complex, makes its introduction to the professional beauty industry at CosmoProf North America in Las Vegas, July 29-31, 2018.
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Finally, a Hair Loss Treatment that Works the Very First Time

A new, highly effective solution to hair loss is now available with INTACT Root Securing Complex. INTACT is the first and only product that helps reduce hair pull and hair loss by fortifying the hair matrix and increasing the force it takes to pull out hair. Applied to the scalp prior to washing, INTACT reduces hair shedding up to 77%. INTACT provides defense against hair loss when it’s most vulnerable – during washing, brushing and styling. 
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Breakthrough Women's Hair Loss Solution to Seasonal Hair Shedding

Every year women complain about an increase in hair shedding during the fall season, experiencing excessive hair fall when they wash, brush and style. To date, there has been a void in effective beauty solutions available to help curb this heightened hair shedding. The patent-pending science behind INTACT Root Securing Complex offers a completely different approach by increasing the force it takes to pull out hair during mechanical stress from routine beauty practices at-home and in the salon.
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